January 9, 2012

My friend Julian and I have been writing, covering, playing, and recording music together for a few years now. We have released a hodge podge of recordings that we’ve compiled over the last couple years and have titled it "Carpet Booth" (in honor of our carpet covered vocal booth for soundproofing purposes).

We felt the Lord asking us to do a little more, so over the month of December, we tracked a 9 song album titled “Brothers”. We also decided to abandon using our names on our website, but instead will call ourselves Brothers. This leads to a self-titled album. Like previously stated, this is not a band. It is simply a way for us as friends and brothers in Christ to compile our worship, in the form of music, to give glory to our Creator.

There is much editing, mixing, and mastering to do to finalize this record, but it should release sometime soon. Our great friends Blaine Kasten and Ben Ewing have generously agreed to assist us on mastering and album art. You can check out our Bandcamp and also our Facebook for updates and releases.

We are so thankful for all God has blessed us with in our lives, and we are excited to share it with you as soon as possible.

Solus Christus,


December 7, 2011

The social networking stampede of birthday wishes is suffocating me already.

Timestamp: 12:20 am.